Walmart Discontinues Savings Catcher Program

After May 14, 2019, Walmart’s Savings Catcher will be discontinued.

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I received an email from Walmart on March 15, 2019, around 3pm EST regarding the matter. Here it is:

Dear Customer, 

Here at Walmart, we’ve always been committed to providing you with low prices every day, so you and your family can save money and live better. Savings Catcher, which compares nationally advertised prices through submitted receipts, was designed to catch occasions when a competitor’s price on a particular item was found to be lower than what you paid for it at Walmart. 

What we’ve learned through Savings Catcher is that our efforts to lower prices upfront on thousands of items across our stores is working. Walmart’s prices win most often when you submit your receipts, which tells us that the program’s intent has been met. 

That’s why we have decided to discontinue the Savings Catcher receipt submission, effective May 14, 2019. After May 14, you will no longer be able to submit your Walmart Pay eReceipts to Savings Catcher. But don’t worry, the money you have on your Savings Catcher eGift Card will remain yours to spend until you’re ready to use it. 

We want to thank you for your loyalty and your participation in the program. We’ll continue to work hard to offer you features and services that deliver on our promise to save you time and money—whether you’re shopping in our stores or online at

Questions? Learn more about this change here.

Your Walmart Savings Catcher Team

If you have been following updates regarding Savings Catcher within the past year or so, then you probably already knew that submitting your receipts through Walmart Pay was the exclusive, only way to do so. This pretty much “discontinued” Savings Catcher for many users submitting physical receipts a long time ago.

Now Walmart is back at it again, finally deciding to kill off the service once and for all. My speculation on the subject is that Walmart was trying to force users into their Walmart Pay system- but no one cared and it backfired.

I personally enjoyed using Savings Catcher. I earned quite a bit back on my Walmart purchases and it was always interesting to see what it had found. It’s always sad when features are removed instead of improved upon.

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